I’m a graphic designer with a special focus on logo design and branding.


A design is your identity – who you are and what you represent. Every logo should have meaning and tell your story.

Here’s a website banner concept I designed for Big Feat Media – a PR company with special compassion for the little guy.


• Enterprise web hosting & maintenance

• Website migration

• Site staging and scaling

• One Signal integration

• Google AMP integration

• Cloudflare CDN setup and configuration

• Google Analytics

• WordPress & Drupal development

• Dedicated server & VPS (cPanel) management

In 2014, I developed St. Lucia Times, a news website with over 1 million page views per month.


A moment, like driving a race car, will pass by in less than the blink of an eye. Capturing the best part of a single moment is the hardest thing to do.

After all, how do you select the best moment that lasts for only a second?


Information Technology was my first secular passion. For 10 years (2007 – 2017), I worked with the largest Government I.T. department on the island of Saint Lucia. For those years, my experience focused on:

• WIMAX networks

• Active Directory

• Windows Server environments

• Linux and Windows operating systems

• Polycom video conferencing solutions

• VMware virtual environments

• Computer hardware and networking

• Zimbra mail administration and more.

For now though, I love design, website development, and photography.

You may probably have realized that I have no contact information here. That’s because I’m not taking any work right now.