Website Maintenance

website maintenance


So what happens after your website is up and running? Your site needs to be maintained. Backups need to be done, content needs to be updated (editing and replacing information on pages), new pages might be created by the client etc. I provide the following maintenance services:

  • - Website and database backups (on and off site)
  • - Backup confirmation emails
  • - Backup copies for customer
  • - Help Desk availability Email/Telephone
  • - Updating of content
  • - Adding, changing or removing links to website
  • - Updating contact information or other text on website
  • - Updating your page titles or descriptions
  • - Adding, changing or removing pictures provided to website
  • - Updating inventory, pricing or quantities of inventory items to shopping cart software
  • - Adding posts, images and comments to existing Facebook, Twitter or other social media
  • - In-depth and comprehensive website analytics reports

Contact Me

I live on the island of St. Lucia (that's in the Caribbean). Here's how you can reach me:
      Phone: +1 [758] 719-8427
      Email: [email protected]

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