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A logo is your identity: who you are and what you represent. I not only design logos, but come up with identity concepts and stories behind the logo concept. Take for example Jobwaiters:


The "J" shape for the logo was a obvious choice for me. But then came the rest of the design. Inspiration came from the actual website name (Jobwaiters). Think of a restaurant setting: you come and sit at a table and then a "waiter" comes to take your order. The jobwaiters.com website works in a similar way: people sign up (place their orders) for jobs. The website finds, or "serves" jobs to them. 

That concept led the way for the "J" to be in a suit like at a fine dining restaurant. Hence the above logo!!!!!

Contact Me

I live on the island of St. Lucia (that's in the Caribbean). Here's how you can reach me:
      Phone: +1 [758] 719-8427
      Email: [email protected]

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