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About Me

I was born in Guyana and thereafter lived on the island of Montserrat for a few years. After that, I came to St. Lucia where I have been living until now. I have had a few I.T. jobs during my work experience. I currently work with the largest I.T. organization on the island which is Computer Centre Limited or CCL (The FINMAN I.T. Project was previously integrated into CCL). CCL is a limited company whose board of directors are government members. CCL is basically the I.T. department for the Government of St. Lucia.

Currently, this organization supports about 4,000 users island wide. In my current line of work, I have spearheaded major networking systems, volume licensing agreements and so on. I have over 10 years experience in I.T. and I have earned a number of certifications. 

My experience ranges from the following:

  • - WAN Proxim WIMAX networks
  • - Active Directory
  • - Server 2008
  • - Linux and Windows operating systems
  • - Polycom video conferencing solutions
  • - Cisco wireless networks
  • - VMware/Citrix  virtual environments
  • - Smartstream and specialized software
  • - Hardware and networking
  • - Drupal web based application development
  • - Website design


Rafael Ninvalle

Senior Help Desk Technician & Sales Administrator


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Photoshop 90%
PHP 60%
CSS 85%
MySql 40%
HTML5 95%
Drupal 85%
Wordpress 95%

Contact Me

I live on the island of St. Lucia (that's in the Caribbean). Here's how you can reach me:
      Phone: +1 [758] 719-8427
      Email: [email protected]

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