• Hi. I'm Raf

    I am a website builder, graphic designer, web application builder & amateur photographer.

I am an experienced  Website DesignerDeveloper,  Graphic Designer, and  I.T. Consultant. My website design process includes the following:



Find out what the client wants first. This involves setting up a meeting and discussing their ideas for the website.



Now that I know exactly what the client wants, it's time to sit down and think about what approach I should use and how I will incorporate what the client wants into the website.



Using Photoshop and good old pencil & paper, I have to see how the site looks and which user interface better suits the client. Color schemes and templates play a major part in how simple or how complicated a website appears. During the design process, the client is always consulted after a design section is drafted.



Once the client has confirmed what design they want, the website build process starts. This can take anywhere from two (2) weeks to over a month depending on how complex the website is.

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I live on the island of St. Lucia (that's in the Caribbean). Here's how you can reach me:
      Phone: +1 [758] 719-8427
      Email: [email protected]

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